Dutch language courses in Malaysia

The Dutch arrived in the Malay Peninsula as early as 1602 on a trading mission to control the lucrative spice trade from the Malay Archipelago. In 1641 they captured Malacca, then a Portuguese colony. With a 23-year long intermittent British occupation during the Napoleonic Wars, the Dutch Malacca era lasted until 1824.

The Dutch presence did also added some vocabulary to Bahasa Malaysia. Words like buku (boek = book), kamar (kamer = room), kantor (kantor = office), laci (laatje = drawer), and sepanduk (spandoek = banner) are Dutch in origin. And in reverse also the Dutch language has some influence from Bahasa Malaysia (and moreover Bahasa Indonesian), such as ananas (nenas = pineapple), bazar (pasar = market), klamboe (kelambu = mosquito net).

Soon after Malaysia got independent the Netherlands established diplomatic relations. Some companies of Dutch origin such as Royal Dutch Shell and Philips had their long presence in Malaysia.

Recently there is an increasing amount of exchange students and scholars choosing the Netherlands for further developing their carries. DUTCH APPROACH will beginning 2023 with classroom course in Kuala Lumpur. But for those who can’t wait to start learning the Dutch language, we do offer online introduction courses!

Online courses

Online introduction course to the Dutch language. So, no matter where you live, you can join our courses. Our introduction course is the first step to CEFR* A1 level. Teaching is in small groups of 4 to 6 students. Each course is 10 classes (1 class each week, 2 hours).

  • Online introduction course ‘Beginner 1’:
    • Wednesday morning 10:00-12:00 MYS: MAY 17, 24, 31 / JUN 7, 14, 28 / JUL 5, 12, 19;
    • Wednesday afternoon 16:00-18:00 MYS: MAY 17, 24, 31 / JUN 7, 14, 28 / JUL 5, 12, 19; or
    • Wednesday evening 20:00-22:00 MYS: MAY 17, 24, 31 / JUN 7, 14, 28 / JUL 5, 12, 19.

For more information and enrollment click here.

Classes are confirmed after the minimum number of students have paid the tuition fee**.

Teaching method

The teaching method,, is identical to our classroom courses, it has a textbook and interactive website. (part 1) is for people who want to learn Dutch quickly in a communicative and interactive way. The website and textbook are equally important, each chapter starts with ‘preparation’ on the website. After the preparation at the interactive website, students can put their new knowledge into practice during the online class. In every chapter there is also attention for Dutch culture. Homework (through the website) for the course will be approximately 2 to 3 hours a week (20 to 30 minutes per day). The language of instruction is English. The teachers are Dutch natives and have online teaching experience.

More advanced courses

If you already have followed a Dutch language course and have obtained some language skills, DUTCH APPROACH can offer language courses from level A1 to C2. If you are interested in joining one of our more advanced courses, please contact

*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages / 歐洲語言共同參考框架 / Kerangka Eropah untuk Tahap Kompetensi Bahasa

**) Refund of the tuition fee is determined according to DUTCH APPROACH’s refund policy.