CNaVT exam

What is CNaVT?

荷語能力測驗 CNaVT 是專為母語非荷語的成年人所設計的國際認證檢定考。該測驗在世界各地舉辦,每年僅舉辦一次,時間為 5 月 1 日至 5 月 15 日。DUTCH APPROACH 為 CNaVT 在台灣的官方認證考試中心。

CNaVT 是由荷蘭語聯盟 (Nederlandse Taalunie) 發起,由比利時魯汶大學 (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) 和荷蘭奈梅亨拉德堡德大學 (Radboud Universiteit) 研發。這些測驗與 CEFR (註1) 的程度相關,讓公司、大專院校及其他機構評估非母語人士的語言技能。 與 CEFR 標準相關的其他測驗也包括 IELTS (英語)、DELE (西班牙語)、DELF/DALF (法語) 和 GZ (德語)。

The CNaVT certifies language proficiency of Dutch as a foreign language. The CNaVT exams are organized all around the world for adults who want to prove their language proficiency in Dutch with an internationally recognized certificate. Exams are once a year between May 1 and May 15, DUTCH APPROACH is the official examination partner in Taiwan.

The CNaVT exams, an initiative of the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie), are developed by the University of Leuven (Belgium) and the Radboud University (Netherlands). The exams are related to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), allowing employers, universities and other institutions to evaluate the language skills of non-native speakers. Examples of other tests related to CEFR standards are IELTS (English), DELE (Spanish), DELF/DALF (French) and GZ (German).

Registration 2024

CNaVT 官網的註冊開放時間為 2 月 15 日至 3 月 15 日。在台灣報考的考生可於 5 月 4 日星期六 (B2 等級)、5 月 5 日星期日 (B1 等級) 和 5 月 12 日星期日 (A2 等級) 在台北市 DUTCH APPROACH 測驗中心參加考試,詳細考試費用請見下方。請務必透過 LINE 或 與我們註冊!如您為 DUTCH APPROACH 的學生將享有報名折扣。

Candidates in Taiwan can take the exam on Saturday May 4 (level B2), Sunday May 5 (level B1) and Sunday May 12 (level A2) at the DUTCH APPROACH exam center in Taipei City. Registration is open from February 15 until March 15, please contact us through LINE or Below are the exam fees, students of DUTCH APPROACH will get a discount!

(新台幣 NT$)
Students of DA
A23,450 4,450
* 非 DUTCH APPROACH 舊生之一般考生 / Candidates who are not students of DUTCH APPROACH

Preparation course

DUTCH APPROACH 2024 年正式推出考前衝刺班(3 月 15 日至 5 月 1 日),衝刺班共計四堂線上課程,無論您居住在何處都可加入!每堂課 1.5 小時,根據同學方便的時間以小班制授課;如有足夠同學位於台北欲參加,可另增設實體班。課程費用為新台幣 2,000 元整,已報考的同學歡迎加入,並請在 3 月 1 日前盡速報名,我們將為您客製規劃課程及報名流程,確保您為考試做好充分準備!

Join the DUTCH APPROACH preparation course with classes between March 15 and May 1. The course consists of 4 sessions of 1.5 hours in small groups, scheduled according to student’s availability. Classes are online, for students in Taipei we will also try to schedule face-to-face sessions. The course fee is NT$2,000, you can join no matter where you live. Please contact us through LINE or, and register as early as possible (preferably before March 1), so there is enough time to plan the classes. Make sure you are fully prepared for the exam!

註1) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages / 歐洲語言共同參考框架